Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Credit ID 2.2, prerequisite, Indoor moisture control

Incorporate the following for indoor moisture control for all wet rooms.

Indoor moisture control specifications for this credit have been integrated into the construction plans through the following language:
  • Use non-paper faced backer board on walls of shower, bathtub, and spa areas
  • Use water resistant flooring in all bathrooms, kitchens, and spa areas, and within 3 feet of exterior doors; no carpet in these areas.
  • For any water heater installed, install a drain and a drain pan. Tankless water heaters exempt.
  • For any washer installed, install a drain and a drain pan or an accessible, single-throw supply valve.
Because of the open floor plan, hardwood floors usually continue from the living/dining area into the kitchen. I confirmed with our LEED Provider that treated hardwood fulfills this "water resistant" criteria. This credit is mainly to keep carpet out of these moisture-prone places.


Scott said...

Tankless Water heaterse are not exempt from darin pans. Almost all major MFG'ers recommend a drain pan be installed if the unit is installed in a finished space where a leak could cause damage adn so do almost every plumbing and building code. A pan is also avaailable at for such equipment

Unknown said...

Indoor moisture control is very important now a days. There are various geographic locations where people really need these kind of devices.