Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The miracle floor plan

I am calling this the miracle floor plan because of all of the amazing things packed into it at a miraculous 1,306 square feet (well below the asking median for LEED-H 3-bedroom criteria!). It meets everything the community is asking for, including "universal design" principles (design elements that can sustain many different ages and needs). Now... what will the price be to construct it?

Here are the features of the LEED-H home in Greenbush:

  • 3 bedrooms, 2 baths
  • 1,306 sq.ft.
  • One level open floor plan (universal design)
  • Front porch that faces the corner of Minnesota St. and Silver Spruce Ct.
  • Sealed front entryway to minimize energy loss
  • In-floor radiant heat system
  • Central Boiler fireplace (local company)
  • Passive solar site orientation
  • Sun room on the south side to maximize passive solar heating, with door toward yard or optional deck area
  • Large overhangs on the south side for passive cooling in the summer
  • Marvin windows in each room for daylighting
  • Solartube in the interior bathroom
  • Cross-ventilation
  • 36” doors (universal design)
  • Recycling storage
  • Mudroom for extra storage, and to keep particles from entering the house
  • Detached garage to keep chemicals from entering the house
  • Garage-connecting breezeway connecting located west of the home
  • Fresh air intake system
  • On-demand water heaters
  • Advanced framing techniques, ie. the house is designed in 4’ increments to match plywood sheet sizes
  • His and hers closets in the master bedroom
  • Built-in desks in some bedrooms (built by a local contractor)
  • Built-in computer desk in the main living space for the family to share
  • Local materials as much as possible, FSC-certified wood when possible
  • LEED-Home certification
  • Energy Star Home certification
This list doesn't include half of the criteria that is included for LEED-H, but is more an advertising tool for the house. Don't forget, we have to sell it after it's built!

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