Monday, July 14, 2008

Building a "locally-grown" house in Minnesota

With increased supply and higher levels of consumer awareness, it's becoming easier to track where your food comes from, and ultimately localize your food purchases.

In the building sector, some materials are following suit, the leaders being chain-of-custody certified wood products.

But what about the other building products? It is still not quite as easy as identifying your locally-grown tomatoes at the supermarket, but if you look around in your own backyard, you just might find that a house can be built locally too.

Read the Green Building Materials - Made in Minnesota report for more information and tips on how to build locally in Minnesota. See this map for suggestions of some building materials in your area.

We are currently working on building a series of "Minnesota-Made" houses in an effort to show that building locally is actually possible. The projects will have both a small environmental impact and a large local economic impact. Stay tuned!