Monday, November 23, 2009

Free Green House Plans

Even though the housing industry is not booming right now, I still receive a number of requests for green house plans from people hoping to build green in the future. Other people call for information on tips for remodeling green.

A while ago, I mentioned Free Green as a limited resource for free green plans. They have now updated their site to include more free and discounted plans, "making green building accessible to all." Click here for some of their free green house plans. Remember to consider smaller house sizes to reduce energy and resource consumption.

Dovetail Partners
also lists a number of other resources for free house plans.

Of course the greenest home may be one that just needs a little green renovating. The Minnesota GreenStar Remodeling program can bring your remodeling project up to green certification standards. The REGREEN program offers guidelines for helping keep your renovation green but does not include certification. Both go beyond increasing energy efficiency and also look at aspects of indoor air quality, water and resource consumption, waste management, renewable energy production, and site impacts.


francis said...

Spring is right around the corner-it's a great time to look into all the latest research and benefits of clean and renewable geothermal energy-it makes a lot of sense tapping into the earth for this super efficient and sustainable answer to our energy problems.

Garage Plan said...

New Drafting CAD Site gives away over 100 House plans for free.

You can go and them at sdscadplans

Maria Swan said...

Exactly everyone should go for green house plans, thank you for providing information about the free green house plans.

KMI HousePlans said...

I would also like to go for green house plans in future, they play a very important role in eco-friendly.