Friday, October 16, 2009

Project ReEnergize

Now is a great time to make home energy improvements before the winter settles in Minnesota. As part of the American Recovery and Investment Act, funds are now available to cover portions of improvements that make your home more energy efficient via Project ReEnergize. A home qualifies if it was constructed prior to year 2000 and is 3,000 square feet or less. There are no income restrictions to qualify, and this rebate can be combined with other incentives property owners may receive. Homeowners must have permission to alter the house's shell, and licensed contractors are required to qualify for the rebate. Second homes, mobile homes, condos, and rental properties do not apply.

A few examples of items that qualify for rebate are below; there are more. See the Project ReEnergize or Minnesota GreenStar website for more information.

Energy Efficiency Measures Eligible For Rebate Maximum Rebate per Household

Replacement Energy Star window without attic air sealing $250 per window
Replacement Energy Star window with attic air sealing $300 per window
Advanced air sealing of attic $800
Attic insulation $800
Exterior wall insulation $800
Replacing orphaned atmospherically vented water heater $750

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